A quick round up of various activities from last week.

I posted my first proper contribution to the Graphixia comics blog on Tuesday, looking at adaptation with the comics of Harvey Pekar, and asking American Splendor: What’s in a name?

As a precursor, the week before, I posted on Graphixia’s Thursday Page my own adaptation (or cover version) of The Harvey Pekar Name Story strip, The Damon Herd Name Story.

Graphixia has been going for a couple of years and has a wonderful team of contributors with many varied tastes so make sure you check out some of the earlier posts too!

I recently took part in two podcasts for The Scottish Book Trust. The first one discussing Mary and Bryan Talbot’s Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes with Kier Hind and Paul Gallagher is here. Part two, which is a more general chat about comics will follow in a few weeks.

Coming up on the 30th March I will be pushing my comics wares at the Dundee Comics Expo and hosting some comics based entertainment later in the evening at DeeCAP at DCA.

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