DeeCAP performance – Damon Herd with the Scottish Ensemble with full slides from ticking boy on Vimeo.

DeeCAP performance – Damon Herd with the Scottish Ensemble
On Wednesday 13th September 2017 DeeCAP joined forces with Scottish Ensemble, a dynamic string orchestra based in Glasgow, for an evening of comic performances brought to life with live soundtracks in Dundee Comics Creative Space.

This performance features comics by Damon Herd.
Music: J.S. Bach – Goldberg Variations: Variation 15, Franz Schubert – German Dance No. 1 in C Major.
Filmed and edited by Brian Hoyle.

DeeCAP (Dundee Comics/Art/Performance) was initially conceived as a way for an audience to experience comics in a very different environment from the usual solitary reading of strips in books or tablets. At a DeeCAP show visual imagery, which can include comics, art or illustrations are projected onto a screen behind the presenters as they read out and interact with the pictures. There have been around 12 DeeCAP events around Scotland since 2013. DeeCAP was inspired by Robert Sikoryak’s popular Carousel evenings of ‘Cartoon Slide Shows and Other Projected Pictures’ in New York.

In 2013 I wrote this article for looking my experiences and the history of comics and performance.

I also run the Comics and Performance tumblr where I post about any comics performance events that I come across.

Other DeeCAP performance videos are available on my vimeo page.

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